USHS is an online tracking system designed to help high school students stay organized and on track throughout their high school education. It offers students a reliable place to store their portfolio items and assignments as well as a platform to track classes, credits, and experiences.

Create your student’s account, then let them add their courses and start building their transcript. Homeschooler’s often take short classes or have experiences that add up to a complete transcript, the USHS is flexible enough to work with any style of education. It helps students to categorize, sort and reflect on their experiences to create a more complete and college ready portfolio of their education. It also helps them to evaluate what they’re learning and doing during the average high school week. You will receive an email when your student adds to their activity log and weekly reports of your student’s progress. Students will also gain access to our online networking system. They can connect with homeschoolers across the country, form clubs, study groups or just make new friends!

No, anyone that is schooling under any type of home education model can benefit from

Unschooling is an educational approach based on learner-chosen activities as the learner’s primary means of education. (USHS is used mainly by unschooler’s but is designed to work for all high school aged homeschooler’s)

Students that use the unschooling approach learn through natural life experiences. They use their own interests to hack their education experience through curiosity, personal experience, and interests, internships, work experience, travel, books, social interactions, family and friends and community resources.

Unschooling is a great choice for education because it encourages the learner to explore various types of learning and activities that are interest based. This makes for a more meaningful and well-understood and useful educational experience. Unschooler’s believe that by using their personal experiences and available resources to hack the human educational experience that they are equipping themselves with an education that is more useful than what is gained by standard curricula and conventional learning styles.

Yes, we take security very seriously and have taken all step necessary to secure you and your student information. All information on our site is kept private.

Yes, you will have access to all information that your student generated during membership as well as your official transcript even after your child graduates.

You can find tutorial videos on how to setup an account, setup classes, adding hours and all other site features on our tutorial page. 

All state homeschool laws are listed on our Homeschool Laws and Diplomas page.

You can find a list of your states transcript requirements on our State Graduation Requirements page.

A high school credit is the primary method in how we determine and document a student’s academic requirements and accomplishments.  Credits are then awarded to a student upon completion and passing of any course they are using towards their high school diploma. In the U.S credits are typically based on the Carnegie Unit or 120 hours of instructional time (the hours needed for a full credit can vary by state).

The difference between a transcript, diploma, and portfolio is this:

A Transcript: is an official record of a student’s work, showing courses taken and achievements passed and/or grades achieved.

A Diploma: is a certificate awarded to a student to show that the student has successfully completed a course of study.

A Portfolio: is a compilation of academic work and other forms of educational evidence assembled by the student and is used for evaluating coursework, quality of work, learning progress and achievements. does not currently offer our members diplomas. We have compiled a list of sites for parents to purchase or create their student’s diploma upon completion of high school. You can find this list on our Homeschool Laws and Diploma page.

Absolutely. Unschoolers and homeschoolers both have the opportunity to attend college. Studies have shown that both unschoolers and homeschoolers do remarkably well in college. Having a transcript is a must and allows the student to show their academic achievements to colleges they wish to apply t0. takes the hassle out of transcript issues and concerns for both the unschool and homeschool student.

USHS memberships are $19.99 per year and covers all 9-12th grade students in your household.

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