Welcome to Unschoolhighschool.com! Along with lots of great unschooling content and message boards, our website offers you a free service to help your family keep track of your unschooling activites. This website was developed by unschooling parents who wanted to have a better understanding of what their teens were up to each day, as well allow their kids to document their learning so that they could easily transition into college or the workforce. Your student can use our service to document learning activities, create a portfolio, create a transcript, and generate attendance records.

Unschoolhighschool is set up so that self-directed students can enter their own information for their middle and high school education. Parent accounts allow you to keep track of what your student is up to with an activity dashboard and weekly updates. Just fill out this form to create your parent account, then check your email to gain access to the website! You can add your student(s) on the parent dashboard or they can add you after they have registered.